Why do you need my Pass code/Lock Code or Pattern?

For us to do a quality repair, we test every device before and after every repair. It also lets us know if the part we install is working properly after the repair.

Do you use genuine Apple parts?

Actually, it's illegal for anyone beside Apple to sell parts with the Apple logo on them. However, we use "OEM grade or High Quality" parts from reputable parts suppliers here in the USA.  US trademark and copyright law forbid resale of Apple parts. There have been vendors and a few repair shops that have been raided and fined by the FBI for selling Apple parts. Trust us, we don’t want to be on that list.

Is there any warranty on the repair?

Absolutely! One of the best in the business. With the repair you get we also give you a Limited Lifetime Warranty. In the event that a part is returned to us without any physical damage, we will replace the part free of charge. Physical/Liquid/Cosmetic damage or software issues are not covered by our warranty.

How long does a iPad take to repair?

 iPad glass repair is our most popular repair and because of it we can get a lot in the shop at one time. We ask for 48-72 hours to repair the broken glass on an iPad. We know that our customers love their devices and we don’t like to keep them longer than we need to. With that in mind we do them as fast as we can and still give a quality repair.

What if I don’t see my phone on your site?

If you don’t see your device listed, it’s likely that we don’t stock the parts for your repair at this time. It’s what we like to call a non-standard repair. If you would like a quote, stop in, give us a call, or send us an email. We’d be glad to check on it for you.

Can I bring in my own part & have you install it for a discount?

While we like helping people out, we just aren’t able to do this. Especially if you have started the repair. We have to test every device we work on before we start the repair. This protects you and us from any repair related problems that could occur.