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Performing a fast, high quality, affordable repair is our top priority. We buy only the best parts and back it up with the best warranty in town.

Here is how we do it:

  1. Certified Techs. We don’t just let anyone work on your device. We start with quality people and then train them to do it right. 

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We ask you to remove or provide your passcode before the repair. There are a few reasons for this. On every device, we run through a pre-repair and post-repair diagnostics checklist to ensure all major functions are working. This helps us diagnose issues and find repair solutions and it also allows us to fully test the repair after the fact to ensure the high quality of service and performance we pride ourselves on.
Apple does not provide, or sell ANY “Genuine OEM Apple” branded replacement parts or screens to anyone, or any repair shop. Anyone advertising this is not being truthful, and using it as a advertising tactic to attract customers. Replacement iPad touch screens, and compatible parts for Apple products are ALL manufactured by third party manufactures, so your device can be repaired at a lower cost than sending to Apple for an expensive repair or having to replace entire device. We only use High Quality parts from reputable parts suppliers in the USA.
Oh yeah there is! It’s one of the best in the business. With all repairs you get we give you a Lifetime warranty on all non-consumable parts (barring physical damage) and a 90-day warranty on batteries and labor. We proudly stand behind our products and services at every step of the way, from parts acquisition to completed repair. If you have any issues related to the repair, we’ll fix it again for free.
This is probably our most popular repair and because of it we can get quite a few in the shop. We ask for 2-3 days normally but we can sometimes repair them faster. We alway know that our customers love their devices and we don’t like to keep them longer than we need to. With that in mind we do them as fast as we can and still give a quality repair.
If you don’t see your device listed, it’s likely that we don’t stock the parts for your repair at this time. It's what we like to call a non-standard repair. If you would like a quote, stop in, give us a call, or send us an email. We'd be glad to check on it for you.
While we like helping people out, we just aren’t able to do this. Especially if you have started the repair. We have to test every device we work on before we start the repair. This protects you and us from any repair related problems that could occur.

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Our trained technicians will repair your mobile phone or tablet device quickly & efficiently. Most repairs can be completed in an hour.


Enjoy free Wifi in our shop while you wait or come back later when it's convenient for you. Either way, we'll make sure your repaired device is returned in better shape than you brought it.

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